After school’s out for the day, children need to be engaged in a comfortable, safe, and stimulating¬†environment. Our after school program allows school-age children the chance to balance learning and fun through a variety of experiences.

What Do We Do After School?

Here at Kingdom Kidz, we believe that learning opportunities can happen anywhere and at any time. Your child can continue his or her love of learning in a warm and nurturing environment that strengthens their social skills and character. We offer individualized homework assistance, healthy snacks (and/or meals), and the opportunity for free unstructured play Рall within safe, well-designed indoor and outdoor spaces.

What Do We Provide?
  • Academic skill-building and homework help

  • Sports and recreation

  • Exploration of special interests such as art, music, theater, dance, computers and technology, crafts, games, etc.

  • Volunteer work and community service, also known as service-learning

  • Homework and remedial help

  • Cultural activities

  • College and job preparation and community internships (for middle- or high school)